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Welcome to Geek Crafty

Handmade, wearable art for your inner geek. Original patterns that you won't find anywhere else. Everything and anything can be customized - just ask!

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:30 409 Mladost District, Sofia Bulgaria +359 2 123 456 +359 2 654 321 shop@zass.con

About Us

My Story

It is my goal to create wearable, usable, geeky art for all to enjoy!

My name is Brenda and I live in Chelsea, MI. After I became pregnant with my second child, I became inspired to learn about knitting and crocheting since he would not benefit from a baby shower. I began with some simple blankets and soon found I rather enjoyed creating these functional pieces of art. Soon I moved beyond just blankets for my children; I began making bunnies for kids, hats and scarves, and more. Eventually, I found I had a knack for inventing my own style rather than following the patterns. My daughter, husband, and I (as well as family and friends) all have rather strong geek interests with a love of gaming, sci-fi, and fantasy. I wanted to make things for us and them that would express these interests while simultaneously being fashionably fun! My passion for the creative gives all my work that extra bit of unique, one of kind flare. I love creating and hope I can bring you some enjoyment with my art.

Quality Craftsmanship of Every Item Designed and Created Just for You


Quality of material, design, and creation of every item is carefully chosen based on the item as well as your specifications for custom orders.
Item materials are carefully selected for their quality, durability, and style that best suits each craft’s needs.

What We Do

Geeky and Custom Designed Artisan Crafts

Creating not only the beautiful but also the geeky handcrafted and crocheted accessories, clothing, stuffies, and more!

Everything is an original design by Geek Crafty unless otherwise noted. We also create custom orders to your specifications, whether it is an original idea you have in your head, a recreation of something you saw elsewhere, or modifications to an item already in the shop.