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Use What You’ve Got!

As any geek knows, when there is something new to learn about their passion, they get excited about it and can’t wait to try it. Sometimes delayed gratification is too much to bear when one is anxious about said new skill, trick, toy, game…whatever it is one is geeking out about.

I am definitely in the category of one who is unable to wait. Fall season was just around the corner, and I wanted to make a cozy shawl that was lacy yet warm. I had just learned about the broomstick stitch, so naturally I was getting excited about the idea of creating something with it. Only I didn’t have the proper sized needle (width or length) or even a broomstick with a smooth round end I could slip yarn over. All the brooms I own have plastic jobbies over the handle that could catch and snag the yarn—not good if I hope to sell this creation.

I went on a hunt. Searching up and down and all around my house I went, looking for the perfect rod…not too big, not too small. I was even hoping to find two different sizes because I had an idea in mind for my new creation. In the middle of my hunt, I even took a few minutes to go online and look up what these fancy needles would cost, what the best ones would be. But I did not want to wait the few days it took for them to arrive nor did I want to load up the car with the kids and drive the 45 minutes to the local yarn and crafts store (living out in the country side has some assume perks but travel time to the store is not one of them). I really wanted to try this new skill out!

I thought about brooms in the garage and pole barn or the tree trimming rod and even the painting arm extension. Those aren’t exactly clean tools to use for this project, so they were definitely out.   Then it hit me! My daughter has a toy broom and mop with removable ends! She loves using the rods for things other than their intended cleaning purposes (a sword, baton, wand, limbo pole…etc.), so maybe I could borrow one for my purpose. I got excited and hunted it down as it was not in its place with her cleaning cart (much like all her toys). In my hunt, I also came across the Christmas tree watering funnel! Another brilliant discovery! It was slightly bigger than the toy broom rod, so it would fit my purposes perfectly!

The quest was won! And I was able to begin my project that very day! It worked well and I was able to see what length of needle would be ideal for a future project if and when I decided to make a purchase of the real deal. And if I ever need something long, say for a wide broomstick stitch blanket, I know what I can use if need be.


That’s just the beginning of what tools you might already have home (like your bed and some plastic wrap for blocking to give that creation it’s beautiful shape). The point is you don’t need to buy all the fancy gadgets (though they can be fun to have) in order to create something amazing! I am exceedingly proud of my broomstick and fringe shawl I made using my daughter’s toy broom and the tree water funnel!

What ways are you crafty using what you already own rather than a fancy tool?

Watch for a future post about making a broomstick lace shawl!

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